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Kelleg is a market-driven company specializing in geotechnical engineering. We offer R&D, design, procurement, sales, and customer service. Our platform aims to collaboratively explore geotechnical engineering solutions, providing system solutions, products, and technical support.



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Geotechnical construction
Geotechnical construction
Technical Support

A professional team of technical engineers can provide customized products and practical system solutions based on your specific needs.

Customer Service

Experienced merchandisers offer one-on-one, full-process import and export services.

Discover Your Needs

Our exclusive sales consultant is available to communicate with you quickly and conveniently, addressing your needs 24/7 via email, telephone, and SNS (Skype, WhatsApp), etc.

Selection Suggestion

After understanding your needs, your exclusive sales consultant will provide you with tailored selection suggestions.

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Focus on the field of geotechnical engineering and provide you with systematic solutions.

rock bolts
rock bolts
rock drilling tools
rock drilling tools
Rock Drilling Tools

Explore our high-quality rock drilling tools, designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, ensuring every drilling project is more cost-effective.

Rock Bolts

Enhance safety and stability in challenging environments with our rock bolts, engineered for durability and reliable performance.


Offer versatile solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of any application area, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability across diverse industries.

a construction worker is using a hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic excavator
a construction worker is using a hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic excavator

Explore our comprehensive range of rock tools meticulously crafted for mining, delivering unparalleled performance in every project.

a construction worker is working on a tunnel
a construction worker is working on a tunnel

Discover our rock tools engineered specifically for the tunneling, ensuring optimal performance in every underground project.

a construction worker is working on quarrying
a construction worker is working on quarrying
hydropower project
hydropower project

Unleash the potential of your quarrying operations with our rock tools, designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime in every extraction task.

Hydropower Project

Empower your hydropower projects with our rock tools, crafted to deliver robust performance in challenging geological conditions, ensuring efficient construction of critical infrastructure.