Duplex Coating Self Drilling Anchor System
  • There are two corrosion-prevention measurements on the anchor bar surface, epoxy coating and hot-dip galvanizing. Epoxy coating: An epoxy resin coating material, which is acid-resisting and solidified at room temperature. Hot-dip galvanizing: A method that anchor bar gains metallic coating by immersing into molten galvanizing zinc.

Features of epoxy coating:

1. Excellent property for resisting concentrated acid.
2. Excellent adhesive action for the surface of cement.
3. Excellent property for moisture-proof, waterproof and thermal aging.

Technical Data:

Duplex Coating Self Drilling Anchor System
Sample Size Ultimate Tensile Strength (KN) Yield Strength (KN) Hot-dip galvanized zinc
coating thickness(μm)
Epoxy Layer Thickness (μm) Excecutive
Duplex Coating Rock Bolt R32N 280 230 ≥70 ≥60 1.Hot-dip galvanizing: ISO1461
2.Epoxy Layer: ISO1519

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