Tunnel Construction on Copenhagen’s Cityringen

The four TBMs excavating Copenhagen’s Cityringen have completed their drives, twin tunnels comprising 15.5km in long.

Launched in 2013, the TBMs faced lime, gravel, sand and stone along with major challenges like passing below historic buildings, and difficult geological conditions such as the valley next to City Hall. Tunnels have an inse diameter of 4.9m.

The Cityringen will open in July 2019, connecting Østerbro with Nørrebro, Frederiksberg, Vesterbro and Downtown. The line will have 17 new stations in central Copenhagen. It will be a huge advantage to get some traffic away from congestion and underground.

During construction, vibration analysis as well as all other design and engineering works are done. As for reinforcement and engineering support, hollow bar anchors combine drilling, grouting and anchoring together. It can protect engineering from deformation and even collapse, which helps to engineering’s permanent support.

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