The Silvertown Tunnel

The Silvertown Tunnel is a proposed new twin-bore road tunnel under the River Thames in East London that would connect the Greenwich Peninsula and West Silvertown. It is being promoted by Transport for London (TfL).

Construction of the new twin-bore road tunnel would begin in 2019 and then open in 2023, helping to ease the current serious traffic congestion at Blackwall Tunnel and improving the reliability and resilience of the road network in east London.

It will also significantly improve cross river public transport connections, helping to facilitate an additional 37 buses an hour across the Thames each day. This will help reduce serious traffic congestion in east and southeast London and provide better connectivity on both sides of the river.

Tunnel construction needs to guarantee its safety and duration. Self drilling hollow bar can provide effective support and reinforcement, avoiding deformation and even collapse. Combining drilling, grouting and anchoring together, self drilling hollow bar bonds soil and rock to structures, which enhances integrality and cohesiveness.

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