The First High-Speed Rail in India Will Be Constructed in 2017

It’s reported on Oct. 26 that the first high-speed rail in India, from Bombay to Ahmedabad, will start to be constructed in 2017 and plan to start running in 2023.

Its whole length is 508 kilometers, designed the highest speed is 350 kilometers per hour. The time between two places will be shortened from 13 hours to 2 hours and it will cost 97.636 billion rupees in total (about 14.6 billion dollars).

Most high-speed rails adopt viaduct and tunnel to ensure smoothness and short-time. Its safety should be higher than common rail because of big density of departure and fast speed.

Hollow anchor bolt, as an efficient supporting method, combines functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring at the same time, and will create good conditions for promoting construction and enhancing benefit. It has broad application in permanent reinforcement of bridge, slope and tunnel.

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