One Step of Building Sinorock® International Team——Wine Training

May 19, 2016, Ms. Wang Liping,a professional wine trainer from Changshen International Center carried out a spectacular wine training for all staffs in Sinorock®.

Wine is synonymous with elegance and Westerners essential drinks on the table. In China, wine that sounds like “Jiu”, as a gift , is taking a long-lasting meaning of. China has always been a land of courtesy since ancient time. Nowadays, etiquette is more important, and workplace etiquette is reflected in every detail. After this training, we learned the definition of wine, origin, classification, the brewing process, the main varieties, wine labels, national characteristics, etiquette and catering. Towards an important step of an international Sinorock® team. It is benefit for us to receive clients in the business dinner reception and create more value for our customers.

We believe that every step and change in Sinorock® will bring you a different feeling. We sincerely invite you to come to China and feel Sinorock® culture.

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