New Hybrid-Electric HDD Rig Cuts Fuel Costs in Half

Recently, Finnish manufacturer Visedo and Dutch industrial drilling equipment manufacturer Normag jointly launched a hybrid electric horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rig. Visedo’s managing director Pieter Dijkstra says the HDD system is a real innovation in the industry, unlike traditional hydraulic drivelines, which do not require dedicated generators as part of mobile drilling equipment, which will benefit global, especially developing countries’ operators. The fact data given by the first Polish user also reflects the significant reduction in fuel consumption by HDD(58 liters per hour to 18 liters per hour).

It is true that new HDD rig reduce fuel costs, but this is not the only way to cut costs for drilling and anchoring projects. As you may know, the anchor bar used with the rig is not only solid anchor bar, but also hollow anchor bar, and Sinorock is an expert in hollow anchor bar. The Sinorock hollow anchor bar can realize drilling, grouting and anchoring simultaneously, thus can save the time cost and labor cost of the anchorage project greatly. So, when we applause for the new HDD rig which can save fuel costs, please remember, Sinorock always prepares the cost-saving anchorage system products for you.

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