Iran Rudbar Lorestan Dam Completed

On September 15th, the dam of Rudbar Lorestan hydropower station constructed by CGGC was completed.

Iran’s minister of energy positively evaluated CGGC’s high standard and strong quality manifested in the construction of Rudbar Lorestan project. He said that Chinese companies not only brought about capital and technology but also contributed to public good and actively undertook social responsibilities, which arouse Iranian people’s appreciation. Minister Chitchian expressed his gratitude to CGGC for its support and giving for Rudbar Lorestan hydropower station, believing that Iran will provide more hydroelectric projects in need of Chinese enterprises’ participation.

In the future, CGGC would like to combine with Iranian industry companies to intensify cooperation and achieve win-win result according to the framework of co-working for the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Good product is the key to the successful completion of this project. The completion of Rudbar Lorestan dam will drive the economic development of the surrounding areas, but also promote the cooperation between two countries. Self drilling hollow anchor is a safe, efficient, convenient and cost-saving anchoring system used for dam projects. Due to good anchorage effect, anti-corrosive properties, simple operation, self drilling hollow anchor will effectively ensure the construction quality, but also guarantee the construction period.

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