Hollow Anchor Bar for Deep Foundation

The design, construction and monitoring technology of deep foundation excavation have become a big difficulty gradually. The supporting and protecting wall can not only ensure normal construction and stability, but also prevent deformation, soil movement and normal operation of surrounding buildings, roads and underground pipelines.

If deep foundation is excavated in complex geological conditions, such as soft soil and high groundwater table areas, it is easy to take place slippage of soil, instability of deep foundation, deflection of pile, severe leakage and damage, which will cause great threat for security.

Currently, the construction technology is constantly improved in the process of urban construction. Deep foundation supporting technology has gradually become the main measures in the construction of the high-rise buildings. Using reinforce or support to achieve the protective effect. In general, deep foundation supporting technology can not only ensure the stability of its underground structure, but also the safety of buildings in the surrounding environment.

Hollow anchor bar is widely used in various types of engineering reinforcement construction, including slope, deep foundation, reinforcing dam, tunnel supporting, etc. Engineering construction technology also has constant innovation and development.

Hollow anchor bar construction technique can adapt to a variety of complex geological conditions and construction environment as a new type of anchoring technology. This technique has solved the problem of hole shrinkage, hole collapse, sand liquefaction and piping. Using hollow anchor bar, the drilling, grouting and anchoring can be completed in one process.

It has the advantages of simple construction craft, high porosity, high strength, short construction period, good economic benefit, etc.

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