Eurasia Tunnel will open in December

The Eurasia Tunnel is a road tunnel under construction in Istanbul, Turkey, crossing the Bosphorus strait undersea. The project’s completion is expected by December 2016.

The 5.4 km double-deck tunnel will connect Kazlıçeşme on the European and Göztepe on the Asian part of Istanbul on a 14.6 km route. It will cross the Bosphorus beneath the seabed, with the aim to alleviate Istanbul’s traffic pressure. It is at about 1 km south of the undersea railway tunnel Marmaray, which was opened on 29 October 2013. With this new route, the journey time between Kazlıçesme and Göztepe will be shortened from 100 minutes to 15 minutes.

Hollow anchor bolt adopts the support method of combining sprayed concrete with system anchor bolt and multiple anticorrosive material to ensure stability and durability of surrounding rocks in the tunnel, which will decrease relative displacement between initial support and surrounding rocks, prevent primary support from the overall sinking and guarantee the bearing capacity.

According to the plan, the Eurasia Tunnel is going to open on December 20, 2016—nearly a year ahead of the original schedule.

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