Construction Technology of Self Drilling Hollow Bar

Construction technology of self drilling hollow bar is a kind of new anchoring craft recent years, it can adapt for different complex geological conditions and construction site environment. During process of construction, drilling, installing, grouting, stretching and anchoring can be done at one flow, which has high pore-forming rate, short duration, high intensity and good economic benefit, it is also simple to operate.

With all these advantages, self drilling hollow bar has applied widely in various engineering fields, such as: slope, dangerous stratum, deep foundation pit, dam reinforcement and tunnel reinforcement, etc.

Before construction, geological condition, soil mass character and surrounding environment should be analyzed. Based on site condition, production drawing should be designed and supporting method should be chosen. Supporting process can be carried out during construction process and also it can be adjusted according to actual condition.

Construction technology process of self drilling hollow bar is as following

1. Construction preparation: connecting self drilling hollow bar with shank adapter of drilling machine, starting air compressor and preparing seriflux.

2. Drilling: positioning self drilling hollow bar, injecting seriflux, starting drilling machine and then drilling, impacting.

3. Return and hole flushing.

4. Continually drilling, impacting until this self drilling hollow bar is finished drilling.

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