Apple spent at least $1, 15 billion on the construction of the new campus

Apple’s new campus, Apple Park, is opened in April and the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X were presented there. It is seen to be the dream project of Steve Jobs. The Apple Park is the last thing that the Apple’s founder Steve Jobs presented on June 7, 2011. According to Steve Jobs’ statement, this new campus of Apple looks like a spaceship. It will be as compelling as Apple’s products. Even if you walk around this huge building, you can’t see its shape exactly. The natural surroundings in this area are not changed. Although it has a huge size, the campus integrates perfectly with the environment. Up to now many Apple’s employees have settled in the campus and work there. Except the working place, Apple also built sporting areas in Apple Park so that the employees can unwind their after a busy day at work. You can see basketball and tennis courts there and there is also a 100,000 square foot fitness center for people work there to work out in.

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